“Insist” on work life serenity

Judy being contemplative for the camera

Information overload has blurred the lines in the work life merge. Unless we “insist” on creating the blended formula that works for us as individuals, we risk being consumed by the chaos of simple daily living. That means avoiding the “attention crash” by taking personal responsibility for our own Work Life Serenity .

This concept of “insisting” was needling at me after reading a post by Chrysula Winegar (@chrysula) at her blog, Work.Life.Balance.

Chrysula was commenting on a post over at Career Connection which was written by guest Meghan Biro on the entrepreneurial path to work life balance in which Meghan wrote:

“Work-life balance comes to us when we seek it, when we insist on it. You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to find it – you just have to be really sure about what matters most to you.”

Chrysula went on to explore further, writing:

“When was the last time you insisted on something that mattered to you, that enhanced your quality of life and your capacity to live with impact?”

Serenity appears to be the compete antithesis to thriving in a competitive, new economy where the early “tweet” catches the bird. But I’d argue it’s the contemplative downtime which often sparks critical thinking, creativity, and from which can emerge a silence that is yours as an individual. Silence, serenity and/or bliss are not woo woo places to be. They are challenging journeys to an unknown destination. That’s why they are so undervalued, and why the silence is feared. We don’t know what we’ll get in return when ROI – Return on Investment trumps everything.

When one “insists” on stopping, even for five minutes a day, it’s thumbing your nose to the rest of the world and its dictates of 24/7 being the “god” of commerce. 24/7 might be the dogma of the new economy, but you are the master of your time. We can following the 24/7 guru while heading to the guru within. The paths are not mutually exclusive. But one has to employ great discipline to get quiet.

When one “insists” on creating a formula for their personal work life serenity, that’s the signal to the world and the inner voice that says, “throw at me what you will, I’m ready to consume it, and use it as fuel to thrive in my business and go to a deeper place as a human being.”

Today begins a new life here at WorkLife Nation. Hope you’ll join me for the journey.