Leadership value of the “Golden Rule,” a memento from #SOBCon

No matter the culture, religion, or philosophical tenet, the “Golden Rule” is a common thread that few will argue with. But when it comes to the work life merge, sometimes it goes the wayside. Sometimes the almighty dollar trumps such a human core value, when productivity and profit come before people. But I’m happy to say that slice of perennial wisdom was alive and well at #SobCon 2010 this year, a social media gathering which brings together people to boost their businesses on the web.

The design of the social media conference included mastermind sessions that leveled the playing field. Social media masters mingled with professionals from many sectors in a gracious way – sharing their knowledge. And there was also a “give back” session, where the entire group, en masse, joined forces to create marketing projects for non-profits. Might sound pollyannish, but the current flowing through this group of people could change the world, or at least their small piece of it.

There were lots of take-aways which I’ll get into in the coming weeks, but I wanted to start with that human core value of the “Golden Rule” and the work of leadership expert Steve Farber who is profiled in this week’s WorkLife Nation video.

  • http://Cate.TV Cate.TV

    Thanks for This post Judy – awesome job :) I’ve always loved the quote that’s on the wall in this room –

    “It’s Fun To Do The Impossible” – Walt Disney

    Posting live from my “WorkLifeNation” – in my living room w a cup of coffee :) – “Always Having Fun”


    • http://www.judymartinspeaks.com Judy Martin

      HI Cate,
      Glad you noticed the Disney quote – I used that soundbite for that reason – you’re the first to notice! Thanks for visiting!

  • http://www.stevefarber.com Steve Farber

    I’m honored, Judy. Thanks for this great little video!

  • http://biggsuccess.com Mary-Lynn

    Judy, thanks for this great video! It was nice to see a few clips of Steve’s inspiring presentation again. Steve’s concept of finding and mentoring someone to be Greater Than Yourself is something that has stuck with me since the conference. I’ve been actively looking for my GTY.

    • http://www.judymartinspeaks.com Judy Martin

      Mary-Lynn – I ended up hooking up with a GTY when I was in Chicago – and old talented friend from High School who needs that extra something special to go to the next level and overcome some pretty huge obstacles.

  • http://twitter.com/mckra1g @mckra1g

    I really enjoyed Steve’s presentation – so much so that I actually tweeted portions of it live. His “OS!M” (or, Oh, Sh*t! Moment) was what really hit me between the eyes.

    If you are out there, taking risks and stretching yourself beyond preconceived limits, you’ll have that moment on the sled, hurtling down the mountain. The one where you question your sanity, but there’s only one way out and that’s through.

    SOBCon: What a great weekend. To say that it changed the trajectory of my life is an understatement. Thanks for the forum, Judy.

    :) Best, M.

    • http://www.judymartinspeaks.com Judy Martin

      It was really hard to decide which soundbites to use from Steve – because he was so much fun! Love the OSM – fun!
      Stretching the mind and going for that brass ring can be scary – you never know if you’ll fall off the horse. I’m all for those OSM’s . It’s what makes us grow as human beings!

  • Joe Ruiz

    Hey there Judy so glad we had a chance to meet at the conference. Wow this is impressive. Love the clip it was great to see it again. Nicely done.

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