Kensho: A Wakeup Call for Business & Life

A few years back I stumbled upon the work of executive coach Susan Steinbrecher. There was a “heart” at the core of her work. That contemplative nature is apparent in her new book Kensho: A Modern Awakening – Instigating Change in an Era of Global Renewal.

Change is often the byproduct of what Steinbrecher calls “extreme flux.” She embraces the concept of Kensho as an archetype for the underlying theme of her book. Kensho literally means, “awakening to ones true nature.” She uses stories of inspiration, current research and shares wisdom from pioneering voices. The result is a book which requires the reader to delve deep into contemplation on how they are contributing to a shift in consciousness on the planet around personal transformation, work, life and our relationship to each other in a time of global change.

With those she interviews (including myself), Steinbrecher tackles topics like authentic leadership, corporate responsibility, how the workplace is being redefined by philanthropy and employee wellness, and the latest on neuro-science.

Kensho challenges readers to think about how they are living their lives whether at home or at work. Perspective is everything. And in a time of great uncertainty, our choices impact not only our lives but our global village which has become quite flat. As a big fan of deconstructing the chaotic impact that real time news and sensory overload has on our lives, I appreciate her take on the challenging times we’re living in.

We can’t force change from the outside. Steinbrecher reinforces the idea that change must come from within. With Kensho, she triggers inner dialogue on how we can be more aware of what’s going on around us. Paying attention to the “flux” in every part of our lives, and to the lives and happenings around us removes the “dust” from our eyes. From that clarity, a journey of personal transformation has an easier road.

As we become more aware of our surroundings and develop personal awareness, we are better suited to have a wider impact on society’s ills. As Steinbrecher says in her book,  “to become enlightened by the world around us is to ultimately discover oneself along the way”.

In full disclosure, I was happy to be interviewed for her book on the expanding virtual workplace in our what I call our Work Life Nation as well as participating in her book launch. Head to Steinbrecher’s book site here for more information on the book and the great additional offers that come along with ordering it. Again, I’m happy to be part of Susan’s vision to wake up to our true selves. From that core of being, so much can emerge toward impacting our personal and business lives.