The Work-Life Merge Meets Meditation

My Google alerts for stress, meditation and work-life balance have been on the rise lately and I think the tenuous state of the economy is at the core. Although Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke was cautiously optimistic about the GDP in the second half of the year, many are stressing about personal finances and their career or job. Stress in the work-life merge seems to be on an uptick. Makes work-life balance seem so far, far away. But some are turning to meditation to take it down a notch.

Back to meditation. I’ve been an avid student of meditation for most of my life, especially to avoid burnout as a news reporter. I’ve sat at the feet of guru’s, meditated with some of the most prominent teachers on the globe and traveled to foreign lands to explore the world’s religions with spiritual teachers, Rabbis, priests, Swamis etc.

I always come back to these three points:

1. We all need some method to relax and re-fuel in our busy lives.

2. Having a teacher is a wonderful way to start. But you need to do what works for you, within your individual belief system. What feels right for you.

3. The more consistent you are in your practice, the greater the accumulated stillness within.

That’s why when I teach or lead a meditation, I always invite my students to embrace their own faith or belief system, and not to be stressed out about sitting in a perfect lotus or completely still for that matter. Especially if you are a beginner. You can develop your own practice~ in your own time.

I’m passionate about helping others to tap their own depth, to figure it out for themselves. With that, I’ll be teaching a Meditation and Breath Work workshop at Harbor Lights Yoga on June 18th from 1pm-4pm. Please drop me a line if you have any questions. No experience or dogma necessary!

Meantime here are some of the stories making headlines in the fields of stress and meditation:

Huffington Post: Women handle combat stress as well as men, study shows

CNN: Meditation promoted for troops with PTSD

China Post: People turning to breathing techniques and meditation to reduce stress

San Antonio: Some foods can help you better respond to stress

U.S News & World Report: Meditation may help women better cope with hot flashes

7 Tools to Reduce Stress in the Work-Life Merge

On the topic of stress reduction, the current economic tumult was the push I needed to release my e-book 7 Tools to Reduce Stress in the Work-Life Merge along with a complimentary download of a track from my meditation CD: Practical Chaos: Reflections on Resilience. If you sign up for my newsletter, they’ll be on their way to you in a flash.

What ways do you take a chill for a bit of work-life bliss?  You’ll see stories here at every week from the companies and pioneers trying to make the best of the work-life merge. Please share yours with me!

  • cv harquail

    Hi Judy-
    I appreciate your common sense summary of how to approach mediation– it still captures the opportunity for deeper spiritualism without scaring away the more cynical among us. Namaste. cv