Work Life Balance in Changing Times

Our uncertain times cast a spotlight on the concept of work life balance. The economic recovery has many questioning the intersection of our working and family lives. When the fire is the hottest, by default we do one of two things; we spiral into burnout or we take a deeper look at how we are handling our relationships, career, health and financial situations in the work life merge.

We contemplate solutions while balking at the idea of balance but we still have expectations. How do we navigate all the sensory overload while cultivating resilience? That’s always the question that comes up when I work with executives on better managing their work life merge.

This month I had the opportunity to do the cover story for Long Island Woman Magazine.  I interviewed three experts in the fields of health, psychology, and work-life management.

Yup, that’s me on the cover navigating 30 degree winds on Fire Island, with my Mac in tow. (I am an unapologetic loyal Mac girl. It’s actually one of my tools to manage my work life fit.)

You can check out the article by clicking on the July issue here.

Meantime, here are 10 Simple Tips to Navigating the Work Life Merge:

  1. Keep a positive attitude.
  2. Make the most of the moment
  3. Be mindful of every activity
  4. Practice good nutrition
  5. Get plenty of exercise
  6. Get enough sleep
  7. Cultivate a de-stressing technique
  8. Find “me” time and stick to it
  9. Schedule white space in your calendar
  10. Regulate web-surfing time

What tips can you offer to better manage the work life merge? Do you have a unique practice to reduce stress? Please share!

  • Arlene Marie Daniels

    Great tips! I especially like the last one about limiting web surfing time. Sometimes, I find that even if I’m just browsing random stuff, I get stressed and feel kinda groggy afterwards. A technology cleanse is really helpful. I’d like to recommend a book that might be helpful as well. It’s called “The Dark Clouds at Work” by Dr. Darryl Cross ( It’s very helpful for handling employees and co-workers, even friends who may be suffering from depression or extreme stress due to an unbalanced life. :) 

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