Transforming Stress to Boost Your Brain and Creativity: Part 1

Stress in the workplace, engagement, creativity, innovation and the new world of work are the meat of conversations around employee productivity. I just wrote about this in my recent Forbes post: Employee Brain on Stress can Quash Creativity and Competitive Edge.

Here at, we’re focusing more on managing stress at work and in business. How can we better transform stress and anxiety and use it as fuel for transformation and creativity? Sometimes it’s helpful to learn a bit about the science behind new productivity strategies, to make them more digestible. Today’s post is the first in a 5-part web series on this topic featuring Neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, PhD.

Hanson is the author of Buddha’s Brain and the recently released,  Just One Thing: Developing a Buddha Brain One Simple Practice at a Time. We had an insightful conversation via skype a while back and I broke it down into five chunks.

The series offers a simple view inside stress, the mechanics of how it impacts the brain and body,  and the resulting consequences for employee creativity and productivity. We’ll also touch on the benefits of calming the brain and body using techniques such as the breath, mindfulness meditation and introducing positive behaviors into your lifestyle.

Hanson has been examining the impact of stress on the brain and well-being, while working in the trenches in corporate America and as the co-founder of The Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom. In Part 1, we simply begin with Hanson’s thoughts on the incredible brain. He’s a fount of wisdom. Enjoy!

What techniques do you use to get better control of your mind? How important is the foundation and ideas of neuroscience within the scope of the workplace? Please share. Catch me on twitter @JudyMartin8