Transforming Stress to Boost Your Brain and Creativity #Video ~ Part III

The Brain Relishes a Positive Thought. When is the last time you relished a sunset in your work-life merge to reduce stress? Have you recently lost yourself listening to some good music or allowed your mind to wander reading a good book? We often don’t pause to register that positive experience. There is a very sacred space in between a good feeling and our response to it, that sometimes looses its poetic potency because we are so eager to run to the next life scenario.

Those kinds of “happy” moments are valuable. They impact not only our well-being but our brain in positive ways from a neurological perspective. For example, during such emotionally rewarding times, our brain releases the neurotransmitter dopamine, which can alter emotions and the feeling of pleasure, thus allowing us to reduce stress and setting the stage for creativity to emerge from the silence.

We don’t often take time to relish those positive moments especially in the heat of a busy workplace. But it’s a necessary journey if we are to drink them in -  like nectar, to create a wellness of stillness inside our brains and bodies. It’s a place that we can dip into when we’re looking to channel stress and use it as fuel for transformation instead of burning out.

The simplicity of taking notice of a positive thought is at the core of the third video in my series, Transforming Stress to Boost Your Brain and Creativity, featuring neuropsychologist, Rick Hanson PhD.

In the first two parts, Hanson joined me to explore the power of rewiring your brain, and the workings of the nervous system with regard to stress management. It’s a fluid balance between that fight-or-fight response and the relaxation response. You can view Part I by clicking here and Part II by clicking here.

Today’s video: the brain dynamics of taking in positive thoughts.

  • Ali Davies

    Am finding this little mini series really great food for thought. Thank you.