Workplace #Stress Update 11.26.2012 Hosted on Google Hangout by Judy Martin

To deliver timely news on workplace stress, it appears that Google Hangout is the best route after much trial and error. Drum roll… Welcome to the Workplace Stress Update.

Every week I’m compiling some of the best material on the web combined with my posts and videos here at and my articles on to bring you breaking news, blogs and books on transforming stress in an always-on world.

The mini-newscasts, which are very simple, are designed to help you cruise through the chaos at work to take your stress down a notch.

You can find all the links to these stories on my blog following the video.



10 Keys to Unlock Holiday Workplace Stress

Managing stress during the holidays is challenging. This post covers my best tips including working with the breath, environmental modification, workplace holiday parties and how to handle workplace gift giving

 Employee Brain on Stress can Quash Creativity and Competitive edge

This article examines your brain on stress and the impact to creativity and innovation in a competitive global marketplace. You’ll head from David Ballard PsyD. of the Psychological Healthy Workplace Program,  neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, PhD, and David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute.

Australian Workers Throw $72 billion in unpaid overtime to employers

This article comes from the Gladstone Observer in Australia. Apparently our friends down under work some of the longest average hours in the developed world. But the country is on the cutting edge of work life balance. It’s National Go Home On Time Day is making waves.

Ten Million Working Days Lost to Stress Last Year

Seems France is taking a close look at the stress of its workforce. Check out the latest in the French Tribune. In case you’re wondering, women are found to suffer more from stress then men and professional and managerial jobs are more prone to stress than other occupations according to the research cited.

Cubicle Rage Chronicled at ABC News’ Good Morning America

Economy gotcha down? It’s sending some workers into a frenzy and moving them to get their message about economic uncertainty, stress at work and frustration with the system to YouTube. This on-line video delivers some fun moments, but also the serious side of how economic stress is making an impact in a visual way.

Book of the Week: Michael Carroll’s Fearless at Work

Work can often be frustrating. In Fearless at Work, Michael Carroll, a Buddhist meditation teacher and a corporate executive, shares Buddhist wisdom on how to transform the common hassles and anxieties of life in the workplace into valuable opportunities for personal growth, heightened wisdom, and enhanced effectiveness.

Blog of the week: Harvard Business Review – Peter Bregman

In his post, CEO and Leadership advisor Peter Bregman writes about the best strategy for reducing stress. It’s very much about perception, perfectionism and expectation.

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