Workplace Stress Update 12.02.2012 with Judy Martin Featuring #TChat

Workplace Stress Update on Google Hangout with Judy Martin

Welcome to the Workplace Stress Update for Monday, December 2, 2012. Judy Martin puts workplace stress in the cross hairs,  giving you the tools to cruise through the chaos at work and transform stress in an “always-on” world.

In this week’s episode:

#TChat Targets Work Life Balance

This week we’re showing some love to #TChat,  the twitter chat for Talent Culture .com which is celebrating it’s 2nd year anniversary. I’ve made amazing friends and business associates by participating in this weekly, highly rated tweet-fest. This Tuesday hang with me as #TChat head to BlogtalkRadio at 7:30PM to dish on work life balance. Then join us on the Twitter Chat at 7PM on Wednesday. Click here to watch a video where @TimMcdonald and I give you a rundown of what to expect this week.

Stress at Work : Is your job making you sick

Seems the links between physical ailments and bad jobs are more apparent than ever before. Check out Paula Froelich’s article at The Daily Beast by clicking here. She offers up a few studies and anecdotes to sound the alarm that the wrong career could kill you.

Workplace Stressors Got the Global Workforce Down

Endless demands on the time of employees is often at the core of stress patterns at work. The 2012 Towers-Watson Global Workplace Study found that “stress can turn negative, and some level of detachment or disengagement can set in.” “This suggests interventions to relieve stress and workload could have a widespread positive impact.” The study found nearly two-thirds of workers in their sample were not highly engaged.  Are employers at a critical tipping point in their ability to sustain engagement over time? Click here to read the post.

There is No Band-Aid for Workplace Stress

Stress management programs and organizational cultural change are the two main portals to provide assistance to help employees better manage stress at work. In this article you’ll hear from Matthew Grawich, PhD on his thoughts around organizational programs to reduce the stress involved. Grawitch is the director of the Leadership and Organizational Development Program at Saint Louis University.

BLOG: Dr. Paul Babiak on the crisis of psychopaths in the workplace.

Paul Babiak Phd. is an industrial-organizational psychologist who has done a great deal of research on this disturbing pattern of behavior. The co-author of “Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work,” he has devoted much of his career to raising awareness about how mental and emotional predators have found their way into the business world. Read an interview with him here at the Washington Times.

This week’s BOOK: The Pause Principle

Kevin Cashman is senior partner, CEO and Executive Development, at Korn/Ferry International. A thought leader, on leadership, Cashman is the author of the bestselling classic Leadership from the Inside Out. He contends that leaders today must not only act more quickly, but pause more deeply. In his book he says pause powers performance. The relationship between pausing and innovation comes into play. Essentially, turn down the noise and tune into your deeper intuitive nature. Read more about Cashman here.

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