Using Brain Science to Boost Corporate Leadership Strategy

Judy Martin speaks with Ellen Weber, the Founder of MITA International Brain Center

Using neuroscience to boost your brain has been all the rage over the last few years, but now leadership experts are taking the science a step further. Managers are not only using the brain science to better understand and collaborate with employees, but also to create better workplace relationships.

Ellen Weber PhD, the founder of the MITA International Brain Center joined me on a Google Hangout to talk more about her work with companies across the globe. We delved into neuroplasticity, the hormones that boost our energy and creativity, and how managers are moving from a preachy style of working with employees to one of facilitating change in a complex and uncertain marketplace.

Please be a bit patient with the Google Hangout, there were a few technical audio glitches and connection issues. But I felt the information was worthy of sharing. We had an animated and dynamic conversation and if you raise the volume a bit, you’ll get some very interesting information from someone who has been studying brain science for many years