Work & Well-Being Update #Video March 20th 2013

I’ve been using Google Hangout to explore breaking news on workplace stress in what has become the Work & Well-Being Update Video. The hangout seems to be the quickest most efficient way to get the headlines out there on work stress. I’m recording in the moment, in real time.

Doing this on the fly allows for the information to be released a lot faster. This is a good example of how technology can be used efficiently to help stream line a process. A nice departure to the sensory overload which is causing stress, especially in the workplace.

This week I begin with Arianna Huffington’s post Mindfulness, Meditation, Wellness and Their Connection to Corporate America’s Bottom-line. Over at Huffpo, they have taken a huge step toward becoming part of the work stress conversation.

From there, I head into the firestorm of debate over Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Lean In. Check out Laura Vanderkam’s story in USA Today. Work Life Balance is Uneven Phrase

The Facebook COO has enraged some, galvanized others and ignited the work life conversation in a new way. Adding fuel to the fire, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s move to ditch work-at-home practices at the company has triggered a lot of debate in the blogosphere. Her decision appears to fly in the face of the direction of the new economy, which is dependent on technology, but Mayer has her reasons.

Head to Pew Research Center for a new report on balancing work and life alongside modern parenting. Not surprising, dads are doing more housework and childcare, and moms are working outside the home more. Both moms and dads are finding it stressful to balance work and life.

Talking about stress, the American Psychological association just released its Work and Well-Being Survey. I wrote about this in my recent post at Stress at Work has Employees feeling Stuck.

The web was a buzz on these topics this week. Head over to Harvard Business Review which featured work-life academic Stew Friedman: We Are All Part of the Work-Life Revolution.
Finally – a shout out to Cali Williams Yost on her new book Tweak It, a nicely laid out strategy on finding ways to create a better work life fit. Here’s a link to her appearance on the Today Show.

I hope you enjoy the Work & Well-Being Update. Please share your thoughts on the breaking news impacting stress at work. Join me in the conversation on twitter @judymartin8.