Digital Exuberance is a workplace trend in 2014

7 Trends To Help You Thrive, Ignite Flow and Boost Well-Being at Work

The term, Work Life Balance was blown out of the water as we deconstructed the new world of work in 2013. As I wrote about in my recent feature at, 7 Reasons Stress and ... Continue Reading →
Body Of Work by Pamela Slim

Reconciling Your #BodyofWork, Redefining Your Career

It’s fair to say about 8 million jobs were lost during the recession (2007-2009). It slammed many of us in the belly of our 401(k)s. But perhaps it was the evisceration of our sense ... Continue Reading →
"Contentment" Quarterly Magazine by the American Institute of Stress.

How Well-Being, Work Stress and Workplace Culture Carry Weight in Career

In the form of a tweet, I found out that was chosen as one of’s Top 100 Career Sites for Your Career.  This thrilled me to no end, but more so ... Continue Reading →
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Harnessing Ultradian Cycle to Transform Stress into Creative Work Performance

Have you ever gazed in amazement at the incredible brightness of a full moon? In that moon phase,the surface is completely illuminated due its direct opposition with the sun, reflecting ... Continue Reading →
Where all the money went: greyhounds Charles Hobson Booger, III and Violet Rays, and kitty Emily Fokker

On Your Work, Your Life, and Your Priorities

By Mary Martin, PhD My writing career is heavy on a few topics, with the heaviest being the financial and psychological components of money. A series of events in the 1990s brought ... Continue Reading →

A Single Dad’s Work-Life Transition To Fall

  In honor of those Dads out there who are doing the work-life juggle, please welcome this guest post by a longtime friend and tech genius, Ethan Dreilinger. He is a single father ... Continue Reading →
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Breathwork is Mainstream, Managing Workplace Stress and Beyond

In 2005, while covering a United Nations reconnaissance mission to post-genocide Kosovo, the work stress was unimaginable. There was a moment on this trip that elicited such a visceral ... Continue Reading →
My low-end storage system.

Making Eating Better and Easier When Work-Life is Hectic

By Mary Martin, PhD People tell me I’m “lucky” to be 46 and fit and healthy, as if I don’t work fairly (and by fairly I mean extremely) hard at maintaining my health and fitness. ... Continue Reading →
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On Work-Life Balance and Serving With Intention

By Mary Martin, PhD Before I became a parent, my “work-life fit” was pretty . . . fit. Part of that fit was a lot of conversations that started like this: Hey Mary, wanna ... Continue Reading →
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Jaws: When Stress is the “Great White ” of Jaw Pain At Work

By Amy McGorry D.P.T. Duh daunt   duh daunt – that music means one thing to fans of the movie “Jaws” – a shark is circling its prey and is about to attack. ... Continue Reading →