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On Values Driving Employee Performance with Susan Mazza

Companies boasting better employee engagement often rank as a great place to work and often show better financials.  Boosting that engagement through values driven leadership is one ... Continue Reading →
"Contentment" Quarterly Magazine by the American Institute of Stress.

How Well-Being, Work Stress and Workplace Culture Carry Weight in Career

In the form of a tweet, I found out that was chosen as one of’s Top 100 Career Sites for Your Career.  This thrilled me to no end, but more so ... Continue Reading →
First day back at school after a long stretch. And it's portrait day so no uniform!

5 Keys to Managing Work-Life Balance and Sick Kids

By Mary Martin, PhD I had the good fortune of having my daughter home with me, while working from home (for about 20 months), until this year. And that’s only because she has been ... Continue Reading →
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A Google Hangout on Yoga Wisdom at Work

In this Work & Well-Being Update on Google Hangout, we explore using yogic principles in the workplace. Bridging contemporary organizational wellness with tried and true wisdom, ... Continue Reading →

Work & Well-Being Update Focus on Employee Engagement with Kevin Kruse on Google Hangout

In this Work & Well-Being Update on Google Hangout Kevin Kruse gives us a strategic view of best practices in employee engagement. Kruse is the author of Employee Engagement for ... Continue Reading →
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Creative Disruption in the Work-Life Merge: A Google Hangout with Whitney Johnson

“Nurturing ourselves, or dreaming is the respite we need, so that we can continue to nurture others,” writes Whitney Johnson in her book Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things ... Continue Reading →
Arianna Huffington and Mika Brzezinski
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Work, Stress, Bliss Manifesto and The #ThirdMetric

I can be no longer be gentle about the chronic stress associated with the work-life merge, and how it’s killing the human spirit at work. This week I was fortunate to spend an entire ... Continue Reading →

Work Stress in the Crosshairs for National Stress Awareness Month

Sitting at your desk hunched over a computer or giant monitor? There are a lot of us out there, and changing that working scenario is not an overnight job. But even a little awareness ... Continue Reading →

Work Life Nation Work Stress Update 1.15.2013 with Judy Martin

Judy Martin here with the Work Stress Update. Heading into 2013 we’re offering some tools to generate a little well-being in your workday as we transform stress in an always-on ... Continue Reading →
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Transforming Stress to Boost Your Brain and Creativity: Part 1

Stress in the workplace, engagement, creativity, innovation and the new world of work are the meat of conversations around employee productivity. I just wrote about this in my recent ... Continue Reading →