3 Ways the Inner Work-Life Business Guru Trumps Competition

May I share a quick personal work-life story of reflection? Being named a Top 10 On-line Influencer on stress by, a Dr. Oz site, was one of the most exciting moments ... Continue Reading →
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5 Tips To Manage Work-Life Balance As Family Relocates Across Planet

On this Thanksgiving Day Eve, my friend and work-life expert Ali Davies, who literally traveled half way across the planet to start a new life in the United States, weighs in on work-life ... Continue Reading →

Thyroid Stressing You Out at Work?

Thyroid got you down? Feeling a bit blue? Have low energy? Maybe you’re anxious and can’t sleep? In this week’s episode of’s Work & Well-Being ... Continue Reading →
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UK National Stress Management Day Reaches Over the Pond

Stress management e-mails, tweets and solicitations from overseas flooded the inbox this morning. In the UK it’s National Stress Awareness Day. It’s also being dubbed International ... Continue Reading →
First day back at school after a long stretch. And it's portrait day so no uniform!

5 Keys to Managing Work-Life Balance and Sick Kids

By Mary Martin, PhD I had the good fortune of having my daughter home with me, while working from home (for about 20 months), until this year. And that’s only because she has been ... Continue Reading →

On Career Goals and Becoming a Parent

By Mary Martin, PhD The story of how I became a mother is a two-parter, with the first being the cautionary tale about what happens when you haven’t clarified your goal. When ... Continue Reading →
The Vitamix, the morning smoothie, and . . . the flash on the camera.

On Work-Life Happiness and Mindful Spending

By Mary Martin, PhD Our consumer culture involves us all being barraged with product, service and “experience” opportunities from many angles during the day. Companies claim their ... Continue Reading →
Chickpea/Garbanzo salad by yours truly. Eat as is, throw in a pita or wrap or sandwich (of bread or just lettuce leaves)

Real-life Examples of Eating Better, Regardless of Where You Work

By Mary Martin, PhD I’m a working mom. But because I work from home, when I offer suggestions (by request) for making eating well easier, I’m often met with: Yeah, but ... Continue Reading →
And then there were two . . . This surfaced used to be covered with batteries in various stages of recharging.

On Outsourcing for Your Work-Life Fit

  By Mary Martin, PhD Once you become a two-income family with a child and you realize how little quality time you have with your family, let alone managing your work schedule, ... Continue Reading →

A Single Dad’s Work-Life Transition To Fall

  In honor of those Dads out there who are doing the work-life juggle, please welcome this guest post by a longtime friend and tech genius, Ethan Dreilinger. He is a single father ... Continue Reading →