Digital Exuberance is a workplace trend in 2014

7 Trends To Help You Thrive, Ignite Flow and Boost Well-Being at Work

The term, Work Life Balance was blown out of the water as we deconstructed the new world of work in 2013. As I wrote about in my recent feature at, 7 Reasons Stress and ... Continue Reading →
Body Of Work by Pamela Slim

Reconciling Your #BodyofWork, Redefining Your Career

It’s fair to say about 8 million jobs were lost during the recession (2007-2009). It slammed many of us in the belly of our 401(k)s. But perhaps it was the evisceration of our sense ... Continue Reading →

3 Ways the Inner Work-Life Business Guru Trumps Competition

May I share a quick personal work-life story of reflection? Being named a Top 10 On-line Influencer on stress by, a Dr. Oz site, was one of the most exciting moments ... Continue Reading →

Sharon Salzberg on “Real Happiness at Work” LIVE Via Google Hangout

How is real happiness at work possible for us human beings struggling in the work life merge? Mindfulness could be part of the equation, says world renowned meditation teacher Sharon ... Continue Reading →

On Career Goals and Becoming a Parent

By Mary Martin, PhD The story of how I became a mother is a two-parter, with the first being the cautionary tale about what happens when you haven’t clarified your goal. When ... Continue Reading →
Digital Detox or Redux

Digital Detox vs Digital Redux in the Work-Life Merge

My mind started to race. My heart skipped a beat and I think I lost my breath for a moment. This after my dear friend Tim McDonald of Huffington Post and My Community put ... Continue Reading →
Heidi Hanna, author of The Sharp Solution

Heidi Hanna’s Sharp Solution In Face of Disengaged American Workforce

Gallup just released its 2013 State of the American Workplace Report and by most accounts it’s a rough commentary on employee engagement. Two-thirds of the roughly 100 million ... Continue Reading →
Arianna Huffington and Mika Brzezinski
Photo: Damon Dahlen/Huffington Post

Work, Stress, Bliss Manifesto and The #ThirdMetric

I can be no longer be gentle about the chronic stress associated with the work-life merge, and how it’s killing the human spirit at work. This week I was fortunate to spend an entire ... Continue Reading →

Being Your Own MVP in the Work-Merge

Work Life Balance. Wow, it was tough to say that as I think of that idea as more of a journey than a destination. Just last night I was dishing on Twitter with my ... Continue Reading →

Breaking Stress with the Breath Reveals Vocation ~ Music Video

Workplace stress has been a companion of mine for the better part of the last 25 years as a broadcast news reporter. It’s not the curse you would imagine it to be, but rather a Luke ... Continue Reading →