Thyroid Stressing You Out at Work?

Thyroid got you down? Feeling a bit blue? Have low energy? Maybe you’re anxious and can’t sleep? In this week’s episode of’s Work & Well-Being ... Continue Reading →
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UK National Stress Management Day Reaches Over the Pond

Stress management e-mails, tweets and solicitations from overseas flooded the inbox this morning. In the UK it’s National Stress Awareness Day. It’s also being dubbed International ... Continue Reading →
"Contentment" Quarterly Magazine by the American Institute of Stress.

How Well-Being, Work Stress and Workplace Culture Carry Weight in Career

In the form of a tweet, I found out that was chosen as one of’s Top 100 Career Sites for Your Career.  This thrilled me to no end, but more so ... Continue Reading →
First day back at school after a long stretch. And it's portrait day so no uniform!

5 Keys to Managing Work-Life Balance and Sick Kids

By Mary Martin, PhD I had the good fortune of having my daughter home with me, while working from home (for about 20 months), until this year. And that’s only because she has been ... Continue Reading →
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Harnessing Ultradian Cycle to Transform Stress into Creative Work Performance

Have you ever gazed in amazement at the incredible brightness of a full moon? In that moon phase,the surface is completely illuminated due its direct opposition with the sun, reflecting ... Continue Reading →
Where all the money went: greyhounds Charles Hobson Booger, III and Violet Rays, and kitty Emily Fokker

On Your Work, Your Life, and Your Priorities

By Mary Martin, PhD My writing career is heavy on a few topics, with the heaviest being the financial and psychological components of money. A series of events in the 1990s brought ... Continue Reading →
Chickpea/Garbanzo salad by yours truly. Eat as is, throw in a pita or wrap or sandwich (of bread or just lettuce leaves)

Real-life Examples of Eating Better, Regardless of Where You Work

By Mary Martin, PhD I’m a working mom. But because I work from home, when I offer suggestions (by request) for making eating well easier, I’m often met with: Yeah, but ... Continue Reading →
My low-end storage system.

Making Eating Better and Easier When Work-Life is Hectic

By Mary Martin, PhD People tell me I’m “lucky” to be 46 and fit and healthy, as if I don’t work fairly (and by fairly I mean extremely) hard at maintaining my health and fitness. ... Continue Reading →
Judy Martin and Tim MacDonald on Huffington Post Live Dishing on Digital Detox.

“Digital Detox” Becomes Legit As We Head Back to Work

It’s official. “Digital Detox” is now a legitimate word according to the Oxford On-line Dictionary. And note that this new word is actually a strategy, says Oxford, ... Continue Reading →

Getting “Hip” with a Healthier Hip to Beat Work Stress

by Amy McGorry D.P.T.  Work stress can certainly keep you strapped to your desk as you worry about meeting a deadline. You may even find yourself glued to your seat for 2 or 3 straight ... Continue Reading →