Judy’s CD

Reflections on Resilience CD

Judy’s CD offers three breathing exercises in the form of guided meditations to help consume the chaos of daily living, and use it as fuel for transformation and personal development. They can be applied to any belief system and are designed to help you be more efficient in life and at work.

Success and serenity are not mutually exclusive, even though our lives are impacted by the information overload we encounter every day. Such a landscape requires fast-paced decision making, in the face of uncertainty and constant change.

After 20 years in broadcast news, volunteering with people in the last stages of life, and lots of soul searching; Judy discovered a practical way to cultivate her own resilience. It allows one to accumulate a stillness, that’s particularly effective in business – especially during a crisis.

As conscious human beings we generally rise to the occasion in a time of chaos. Sometimes we just need a little nudge to remember the brilliance of who we are, and the strength and fortitude that we possess.

In Practical Chaos, you are mindfully guided through three meditations to become more present in your workday, burn off the obstacles that ge in your way of moving forward and cultivate more compassion as you journey through the work-life merge.

The background music was thoughtfully composed and performed by Mark Marshall.

Listen to a sample or download the entire CD for $9.98 from CD-Baby or Amazon.com.