Meditation & Breath Work Instruction

Meditation and Yoga Teacher                            Judy Martin

Your mind races, you have fleeting glimpses of bliss and you can’t seem to sit in a full lotus position for hours at a time. Exhale, it’s not a problem. You can still meditate.

Meditation is different things to different people. At its core, it is a practice or series of practices that can bring you into a state of awareness, presence, clarity and purpose. It can also be a stress-reducing method that lays the foundation to better navigate your work-life merge and respond from a peaceful place, in moments of change, in what has become an uncertain world of work.

You don’t have to be a monk living in the Himalayans to meditate.  Discussion of meditation and the numerous techniques to get you to that sacred “present” state of mind has made it to the water cooler. Progressive Fortune 500 companies encourage employees to learn meditation. There’s plenty of science behind certain methods that have revealed the benefits of meditation to boost memory, increase productivity, reduce stress, and catalyze creativity and innovation.

“Stillness is cumulative. It allows us to respond from a place of wisdom instead of reacting from a place of fear.”

I can help you develop your own personal routine within a few learning sessions. Still, while you can learn meditation techniques overnight, a little personal discipline just a few minutes a day ( 3-5 minutes to start) will go a long way toward reaping the rewards of the practice. Meditation is cumulative. The more you practice, the more you build up a warehouse of inner stillness to call upon as you meet your daily challenges and the external chaos that sometimes throws us a curve ball and sends us into a tailspin.

One-on-One Skype Meditation and Breath Work Coaching:

As a yoga teacher I’m uniquely qualified to teach you breath techniques, guide you in your posture, suggest paths of visual imagery and offer ideas in the use of sound or mantra. You don’t have to begin contemplating the universe and your place in it. That may come at another time.

We’ll start with being mindful and present in the heart and body. Being a witness and observing, as opposed to trying to control our thoughts or trying to analyze them in a heady academic way. My methods are practical and can easily be used in a workplace or business environment. Please contact me for a 15 minutes consultation if you have any questions, but here’s generally how we’ll work together:

1. First, we’ll discuss what meditation means to you and clarify why you think it’s important in your life.

2. Review your current methods of relaxation or meditation and assess your “sense and perception” preferences.

3. Identify what I call your Meditative Equilibrium of Time & Space. Your METS quotient of how, where and when is best to meditate.

4. Work with preliminary meditative techniques which work best for your individual needs.

5. Design a program that is specific to your individual needs.

Because I feel meditation is so important as we are living in an exponentially changing world, my meditation sessions are very reasonably priced. Each session is broken down into three parts. Assessment or check in-to gauge where you are in your process, instruction, and guided meditation followed by questions if you have any.

I’m here to help you begin and enjoy the journey of exploration. As I work with the breath as a yoga teacher, that’s a good place to start. So check out my music video: Take a Breath in the Work-Life Merge.

Judy Martin in an Etheric Mood

Judy’s Bio

After 30 years studying meditation techniques from many different traditions, with a number of teachers, it comes down to one secret. Meditation is an individual journey into awareness in the present moment.Yes, it can help you reduce work stress, relax, boost creativity and well being, but there is more to it.

There are many ways to cultivate your own personal practice, but ultimately it’s a process of exploration and awareness into a deep well of resilience within that when fueled can be a limitless warehouse of peace to operate from in the face of daily challenges. That depth of being can also act as a catalyst for creativity, innovation, spirituality and a deep contemplative knowing of who you are at your core.

About Judy and her journey…

Judy Martin has been on yogic path most of her life, and has been a student of meditation for 30 years. But it’s been the continuous dance of the breath, sacred sound and mindful meditation that forms the tapestry of her practice as a yoga teacher and stress management expert, even as she continues her career as a broadcast journalist.

Calling on her experience in the frenetic pace of news, and her study of yoga, breath-work and meditation, in 2001 she developed her signature stress management workshop, Practical Chaos: The Four Gates of Transformation, and in 2006 released her first meditation CD, Practical Chaos: Reflections on Resilience. In 2012, she was chosen as a TOP 10 on-line influencer on “stress” by, a collaborative effort between Dr. Oz and  WebMD.

Judy received her yoga teacher’s accreditation (RYT-200) in eclectic Hatha Yoga under Mokshapriya Shakti of the Yoga Teachers Training Institute in New York. She is also a certified Hospice volunteer. Judy’s work is influenced by her mentors: Vassar College Asian Studies Professor Rick Jarow PhD, mind/body expert Joan Borysenko PhD, Deepak Chopra, and work-life pioneer Matthew Fox.

Judy currently teaches at Awaken Yoga and Meditation in Greenlawn, New York. She developed her own style of teaching, called Veritas Yoga,  after combining her love of singing and chanting with yoga and breath work.

Veritas Yoga, or “truth” yoga is a gentle practice  which combines the breath, sacred sound (Nada Yoga) and meditative suggestion as each Hatha asana is executed. The practice is designed to reduce stress, awaken ones pranic essence or truth, and fuel inner stillness so that one is grounded in daily activates, and still nestled in ones highest potential or spiritual nature, especially when faced with daily work-life challenges.