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Judy Martin offers a fresh voice on the emerging cultural trends impacting the way we work and do business in our changing world, with less stress and more success. She is known as a trailblazing public speaker who melds human core values with the hardcore reality of business and the workplace in an “always-on” new world of work.

A vivid, impassioned and humorous storyteller, Judy is a dynamic inspirational speaker who has been addressing audiences on managing stress in the workplace, navigating information overload, work life concerns, vocation and workplace well-being for nearly 15 years. From her combined experience as a journalist, meditation/yoga teacher and Hospice volunteer, emerged her vocation as a work stress management consultant and her Practical Chaos Lecture Series.

Judy’s work reflects a unique cultural shift that is reaching critical mass; the merging of our working and living experience in a real-time high-tech global marketplace. Her belief is that we’ve become a WorkLife Nation: an evolving culture of awareness that calls on us to live, work and thrive from a deeper sense of alignment, with success, serenity and significance.

The uncertain global competitive marketplace calls upon us to collectively work together. That collaboration can infuse the workplace with energy and elevate the human experience at work and in business. It allows us to collectively stay grounded in the world, while living up to our highest potential at work and in business.

As the founder of WorkLifeNation.com, a site dedicated to transforming stress in an “always-on” world,  Judy is a championing the evolution of a new workplace culture concerned with employee well-being, engagement, productivity, innovation and creativity.

Judy’s keynotes & workshops can be modified to the needs of your company or organization. For specific details on the themes covered, techniques used and benefits for your employees, please contact us here.


Cultivating a Competitive Edge in a “Real-Time” Marketplace

OVERVIEW: We are living in a time of instant gratification, and instant information. That means we are bombarded with the external chaos of the world, and still expected to deliver at work and in business. The most successful way to live with a competitive edge, is to create your own momentum to harness awareness and skillful use of technology, while doing business. Competition is not about fearing the unknown, but rather embracing it while integrating personal values and passion for ones own work, with business goals. In this workshop we’ll take a look at the obstacles getting in the way of a more productive workplace and how to navigate them.

Stress Management in the New World of Work

OVERVIEW: Stress has a lousy name. But the reality is that there is bad stress which can lead to burnout and anxiety, but there is also good stress or eustress which can act as more of a motivator. The new world of work comes with a new set of circumstances both in the workplace and externally. In this workshop we’ll take a look at the benefits of the new workplace and how we can personally take control of our stress by transforming it into a more creative and innovative tool toward higher productivity. This workshop can include topics like time management, communication skills, simple in-office relaxation exercises, simple chair yoga, concentration techniques, meditation exercises and breath work.

Managing Stress and Thriving in an Intense Working Environment

OVERVIEW: We’ve all had an occasional “a-HA!” at work that leads us to believe we’re working in a toxic working environment. You’ve heard the old adage, you can’t change anyone but yourself. But there are some techniques that can help employees better handle the different personalities, cultural differences and varied work styles while doing business. There are also individual tools we can learn rather quickly and with some practice, will help to set the stage for a more productive work day. This program emphasizes an importance on conscious communication skills among colleagues without a rush to judgment.

The Neuroscience Research Behind Stress Management

OVERVIEW: Neuroscience research is a growing field of interest within the stress management community. New studies are emerging that potentially link better control and awareness of the mind with actually changing the neuroplasticity in the brain. Research is showing that the brain can be trained to be more efficient in the areas of memory, relaxation, happiness, and general positive behavior and communication in the workplace.

PRACTICAL CHAOS® The Four Gates of Transformation.

OVERVIEW: There are two ways to live in this time of great uncertainty. Either we consume life, or life consumes us. Either it eats away at our minds and hearts, or we take it head-on, and use it as fuel for transformation. How we react to chaos in a moment of conflict can either lead to great change, or send us spiraling into the abyss of inertia, or worse, negative reaction. Learn about the metaphors and myths of chaos, and how to use the Four Gates of Transformation to build a reserve of resilience to conquer chaos.

Work/Life Resilience in an “Always-on” 24/7 Global Marketplace

OVERVIEW: The way we do business in our workplace is changing at an exponential rate. With that change we enter a land of uncertainty that sometimes rocks us off balance. By embracing that uncertainty, and responding from a deep stillness within, a world of opportunity opens to us. With the constant changes in technology, baby boomers retiring or re-careering, a more diverse workforce, more people working from home, there is a vital need to take decisive action to cultivate resilience, so we can tap it in a time of crisis. Learn about the seven principles of doing business in a changing world.

Breaking the Mind with the Breath

OVERVIEW: For thousands of years the breath has been spoken about as the great elixir to bringing an inner stillness to our daily living. In our 24/7 high-tech global marketplace we are bombarded with sensory stimulation. This impacts our minds, hearts and bodies. By cultivating awareness of the breath we can be more productive, resilient in the face of conflict and foster creativity. In this program we will explore many breathing techniques to calm the body, cultivate an inner well of resilience and trigger the brain toward innovation.

Success, Serenity & Significance in a 24/7 World

OVERVIEW: What is right livelihood and can you be passionate in your work while being successful in an exponentially changing world? That’s the premise of this workshop. While we don’t know what’s around the corner, we can lay a solid foundation or blueprint to follow as we strive toward more meaningful work, while we do business in a changing world. In this program we take a look at the core value system for each person which drives their motivation to succeed in work and in business.

Other past topics have included:

  • Tethered to Technology in the Work-Life Merge
  • Employee Engagement in a New Economy
  • Aligning Your Business Message with your Vocation
  • 7 Tools to Reduce Stress in the Work-Life Merge
  • Transcending and Including Stress in the Workplace
  • Your Brain on Stress vs Success and Other Simple Truths of Neuropsychology
  • Motivating Employees To Boost Their APR: Attention, Productivity and Resilience
  • Solving the Work Life Balance Conundrum: Review, Redesign and Recommit
  • Co-creation of a Conscious Conversation

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Judy’s Speaking experience:

  • Motorola Corporation
  • Right Management Inc.
  • American Psychological Association’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Conference
  • Source & Synergy Foundation in association with The Chopra Center
  • Orange & Rockland Utilities
  • Huntington Chamber of Commerce
  • American Cancer Society
  • Hofstra University
  • National Association of Mothers’ Centers
  • American Cancer Society
  • NYS Home Healthcare Providers
  • East West Books, NYC
  • Daniel Gale Real Estate
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Images and Voices of Hope Media Conference
  • International Women’s Business Conference, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Long Island Center for Business and Professional Women
  • Long Island Business News Women’s Symposium
  • Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Healthcare Public Relations Society of New York
  • Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office
  • The Women’s Wellness Society
  • Religious Communicators Council of New York City
  • The LifeWorks Center of Boca Raton
  • Balance Magazine Conference of South Florida
  • The Long Island Women’s Agenda
  • New York Institute of Technology
  • Parliament of the World’s Religions
  • White Plains Center for Compassion
  • Women’s Business Journal Executive Summit
  • Long Island School’s Public Relations Society
  • Friends of the Institute for Noetic Sciences/ NYC Chapter
  • Coalition for One Voice in NYC