“Thank you for sharing Practical Chaos with the Motorola team. The participants found the topic extraordinarily relevant, thought-provoking and informative. Our members also felt that your style is genuine, warm and encouraging.”
Amy Tupler – Motorola, Inc. Site Leader, South Florida Chapter of the Women’s Business Council 

“In a world of turbulent change, Judy Martin’s PRACTICAL CHAOS® offers an inspiring blueprint to morph the way we face and conquer chaos.”
Deepak Chopra - Best selling author of Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and Peace is the Way

“Once I was a high-powered lawyer, with a large firm, then I went solo. Fortunately, the gods of commerce sent me Judy Martin. She took the stress out of my transition to entrepreneurship, taught me how to use and promote my brand; set my talking points on fire and, coached me through a series of videos that took me from bland to blazing.  If you have any interest whatsoever in becoming successful in the new economy, Judy is not a luxury, but a staple you must have on your shelf.”
Victoria Pynchon Esq. – Co-Founder SheNegotiates.com

“PRACTICAL CHAOS offers inspiration and insight into the resilience of the human spirit. Judy Martin draws from her experience as both a reporter and hospice caregiver to share powerful tools that can help us navigate through the daily stresses of living in a time of radical change.”
Marci Shimoff – Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and featured teacher in The Secret

“Judy has walked between the worlds of hard-nosed business, high- stress journalism, open-hearted volunteerism, and disciplined spirituality. She bridges all these worlds in a practical yet profound methodology called PRACTICAL CHAOS® that goes beyond stress manage- ment, beyond crisis management and into the realm of personal and societal transformation.”
Judi Neal, Ph.D. – Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace and author of Edgewalkers: People and Organizations that Take Risks, Build Bridges, and Break New Ground

“The more complex our world, the more chaotic our world. As a working journalist, Judy Martin knows that news gathering and news reporting is often no more than organizing chaos. Judy’s book is the definitive guide to putting order back into our lives.”
Ted David – CNBC

“In today’s high paced world the stress can become seemingly unbearable, causing feelings of panic and overwhelm. Judy Martin’s “PRACTICAL CHAOS®: Reflections on Resilience” is the perfect resource to teach us how to successfully engage when the pressures of life threaten to close in around us.”
Life Coach Priscilla Palmer

“Judy’s talk was informative, inspiring and touched everyone in a special way. She has an uncanny talent for getting the audience to participate and share their thoughts, feelings and concerns. Her time was greatly appreciated.”
Linda Mitchell – Huntington Chamber of Commerce, Women in Business

“Judy is catalyst of epic proportions. Her sessions brought me to a place of depth and quiet which allowed creativity to flourish. Judy is a quick study when it comes to your brand, she has an  intuitive ability to sleuth out what your audience needs to hear and gets you to speak your core messages naturally, powerfully and with great ease. ”
Lisa Gates – Consultant, Trainer and Coach at She Negotiates.com

“As a marketing and PR professional my client’s needs always same first, I rarely took time to turn the lens inward and focus on my own business journey and goals. Judy’s approach helped to release creativity and sharpen my focus – it was very powerful. With Judy’s insights and encouragement, I reshaped my own marketing message and launched a new company —then I sold my book on marketing to a large publisher. Thanks, Judy!”
Donna Anselmo – CEO, Bold Marketing Solutions, Inc. Florida, New York

“Judy has a unique ability to help her clients become crystal clear on their vision for the future. In working with her, I was able to articulate my services and value with confidence. Judy helped me to visualize success and have the motivation to turn my vision into reality.”
Diana Rivenburgh – President, Talent Strategies & Solutions, Inc. Atlanta

“A new reality requires a new approach.  Our 24/7, high tech, global reality requires that we help ourselves make order out of what seems increasingly like chaos. Judy Martin’s Practical Chaos: Reflections on Resilience helps you both manage and tap into the opportunity that exists within the chaos.  Her CD is accessible, understandable and unintimidating.  Drawing upon her years of personal experience with meditation, and her professional experience as a broadcast journalist and motivational speaker, Judy Martin has given us a tool that we can all use to thrive in the world of today.”
Cali Williams Yost – President & Founder – Work+Life Fit, Inc.

“Using chaos theory as a metaphor for personal transformation, Judy Martin’s PRACTICAL CHAOS® reveals a simple method to navigate the on the edge of escalating change, and make more conscious choices. With anecdotes from the newsroom and as a hospice volunteer, Judy Martin offers a thought provoking simple four-step method to conquer chaos in life and at work.”
Barbara Litrell – Former President, WorkingWomanNetwork – Group Publisher, Working Woman and Working Mother magazines

“In PRACTICAL CHAOS®, Judy Martin takes us on a fascinating journey of the invincible power of the human spirit to consume chaos with consciousness and resilience. During our experience working with the children of the victims of 9/11, we witnessed remarkable resolve in the midst of chaos. Judy demonstrates the essence of such experiences and life lessons with grace.”
Diane Williams – Co-Founder and Chairperson Emeritus, NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns (NY) at the United Nations.

“Judy, You did an excellent job of kicking off our work / life conference. People loved the useful and creative ideas for re-energizing yourself during the day to keep the stress of work at bay. Attendees thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. You left them wanting more. Thank you so much for your valuable contribution to our conference.”
Catherine Wright – National Association of Mothers’ Centers (NAMC)

“Judy Martin is an enlightened motivational speaker. She shares her views with her own amazing life experiences, offering great insight and inspirational practices to help bring inner peace and serenity back into our daily chaotic lives. Judy is someone I truly admire.”
Sabine Scherner-Spagnuolo Liberty Travel