Women’s Stress Busting Intensive: Tools to Relax, Recharge and Reignite Purpose.

Learn Stress Busting Tools with Judy Martin

Saturday March 16th, 9am-1pm

We are living in a 24/7 world that is “always-on” and happens in “real-time” due to technology. Managing the work-life merge as a result can send our stress levels through the ceiling.  This era of instantaneous everything, forces us to make choices about how we spend our time, cultivate our energy and compete in a creative way. But how do we avoid burnout?

One way to manage stress is to have an arsenal of simple tools to consume the chaos that comes with the work-life merge, and transform it into to fuel to better manage your day and take your career and life to the next level. Technology is not bad, it just needs to be managed. Just like stress. There is good stress that can trigger motivation and bad stress which can burn you out.

Life is short folks. Armed with 25 years in broadcast news, a few decades studying yoga and meditation, I’ve  been sharing what I’ve learned about managing stress with professional business people for the last decade as a stress management consultant. (Click here to learn more about Judy)

I invite you to join me on March 16th at the Viana Hotel & Spa for a morning of relaxation, recharging and reigniting purpose.

Where: Viana Hotel & Spa, Westbury, Nassau County.

When: Saturday, March 16th 9am-1pm

What you will learn:  Simple cubicle stretching and energizing exercises, breath work techniques to reduce stress and boost energy, guided meditation and imagery and conscious communication skills to reduce stress and build a warehouse of inner calm.
Fee: $99.00
  • Coffee, Tea and Fruit to start your day.
  • Download of Judy’s Meditation CD: Practical Chaos: Reflections on Resilience
  • Workbook of exercises and techniques

OVERVIEW: We are living in a time of instant information, and immediate gratification, in real time. In this interactive workshop, stress management consultant Judy Martin, explores keys to reduce and manage stress in the workplace. Judy will guide participants in assessing stress levels,  identify the problem points in work- life integration, review tips to navigate information overload and offer techniques such as breath work, meditation and communication strategies as solutions to reduce stress. Participants will create an individual program to start making positive changes and increase productivity and resilience in the presence of external events that impact ability to focus, concentrate and be creative.


1. Stress assessment of  work-life concerns, technology, communications and workplace stressors.
2. Review the latest information on how our bodies and brains respond to stress and how we can better train ourselves to manage it.
3. Participants will learn very simple chair stretches, exercises and relaxation techniques, and yoga postures that can be done at work.
4. We’ll move into breath work exercises, special breathing meditations, guided meditations including progressive muscle relaxation and strategies to create better emotional balance in the body.
5. Three main goals: educate on how to make simple changes, learn tools to reduce stress, and learn what works for each individual to reduce work stress. One size doesn’t fit all for sure.


  •   Learning mental, philosophical and physical tools to reduce stress and elevate ones energy in the workplace
  •   Develop personal skills to respond, instead of reacting to external events
  •   Identify individual patterns that foster creativity and innovation
  •   Create an individual stress-busting plan

No experience is necessary. Please don’t hesitate to contact Judy if you have any questions.

The fee is $99.00 When you sign up you will be taken to a page with further instructions. I look forward to seeing you!
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